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 Our firm is devoted to protecting the rights of the accused and providing them with superior, unparalleled legal defense in the court of law.
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When your future, your family and your career are at stake, a false accusation or a single mistake should not derail a lifetime of hard work.
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Cal-lawyer PLC is an experienced criminal defense firm which has established a reputation among clients, prosecutors, and judges as honest, trustworthy, and highly skilled practitioners. Immediate legal representation is 100% necessary if you or a loved one is under investigation, has been charged, or has been arrested for a crime. An experienced and highly skilled criminal attorney is a critical asset at every stage of the legal process.

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Our attorneys have obtained successful results on thousands of cases and have helped our clients avoid jail.

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“The primary reason for the explosive growth, during this past year, is our laser-like focus to our clients’ concerns and an exacting attention to details. By getting to know our clients and being fully immersed with their cases, we can better understand the issues. Presenting facts-that may not have been raised without painstaking preparation-is what I enjoy the most”
-Daniel J. Tripathi Esq.
Managing Attorney

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