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Our top priority is our commitment to providing our clients with legal services of the unsurpassed quality. 

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If you have a criminal trial looming, you'll need an attorney to put together a comprehensive legal defense on your behalf.

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We are the best full-service firm based in Riverside

Cal-Defender has proudly served the Riverside area for years and continues to build his practice around helping those who have no voices in the legal system.

Facing Criminal Charges?

Attorney Daniel J. Tripathi handles all of the criminal defense needs of people in the Riverside area. No case is too complex for him. In fact, he specializes in challenging legal issues.

You Have a Choice Among Criminal Lawyers

Make a wise decision by selecting one with a verifiable background of successfully defending even the most complicated criminal cases. Daniel J. Tripathi is known for an unwavering dedication to protecting his clients throughout every step of the legal process. Daniel J. Tripathi believes that a good criminal lawyer should be both competent and aggressive. These qualities will ensure that a client gets the most for his money.

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